About Us

For the Love of Jerky

Jerky comes in many flavors, types, styles, hardness, and softness. The first piece of beef jerky I ever bought was in Arkansas at 7 years old. It sparked something in my taste buds that, as I grew older, gave me daily cravings. I've tried so many brands of beef jerky, each with their own uniqueness. I started to notice some larger companies become more focused on product rather than quality. Unimpressed... yeah it's jerky, but it just falls apart or is too thin... I began making my own beef jerky 6 years ago because I was fed up with how today's jerky tasted. Tibbs Beef Jerky will never sacrifice QUALITY over QUANTITY. I'd like to think of it like a fine wine, with subtle hints and aromas of spices and cured beef. You can enjoy Tibbs Beef Jerky with a beer, wine, afternoon snack, or morning breakfast. A bag of jerky will give you all day energy. For the love of jerky, eat Tibbs Beef Jerky. It will keep you coming back for more!